Which is the right class for me?


Vinyasa Level 1 – Beginners/Open Level

Prepare yourself for a gentle, simple and flowing sequence of yoga poses.  Linked by steady rhythmic breathing and practiced to uplfiting music. Your practice will include simple sun salutations to warm the body up and then move to increase heart-rate to challenge on a phyiscal level.  These classes are designed to de-stress, re-energise and will enable you to re-set mind, body and soul.  No yoga experience necessary. Our teachers provide you with a safe, caring and knowledgable practice that you will be able to carry with you off the mat.

Vinyasa Level 1/2 – Beginner-Advanced

A slightly more challenging series, designed to increase your yogi stamina.  All levels catered for as the instructor is able to layer on options for those with more experience.  Always know that you are guided with the safest cues and techniques enabling your practice to grow.  These classes are designed to de-stress, re-energise and enabling you to re-set mind, body and soul. This class assumes you have some yoga knowledge (but never mind if you don’t!). It moves a little quicker and requires a bit more balance and strength. Use of props and modifications are still shown here and there is some longer sequencing of postures.

Vinyasa Level 2 – Advanced Beginner to Intermediate

A challenging, creative and faster flowing class, linking breath and movement.   Practicing hand and arm balances and inversions while building strength and flexibility. Prior yoga experience encouraged but as always open to all levels.  We practice in a safe and educated manner.

 Yang Yin

This is a gorgeous class where you will be guided through vinyasa flow to regulate your breath, build body heat and challenge your muscles to just the right level. Then expect a gentle unwind through restorative, nourishing yin poses. Melt into your moment and have the ability to just be on your mat – the worries and the stresses of your life will melt away and your mind, body and soul will thank you for the space you have created. Perfect for a re-set and re-start.


A great practice to balance your Vinyasa (yang) flow.  Yin focuses on long held floor postures, targeting the deep connective tissue (fascia).  It is a quiet, meditative practice with emphasis on the hips and spine.   All levels welcome.

Move & Meditate

This practise includes a slow-paced style of yoga where we hold postures (asanas) for longer periods of time while we deliberately pay attention to what is happening on the inside and outside of ourselves. Delving into body, heart, mind and soul.. in an environment without criticism or judgement.

If you have an injury or illness

Please do not hesitate to contact us if have a question about attending class with an injury or serious illness.  Listen to your body and remember resting for a short time is not the worst thing for your yoga practice.  Be kind to your body while it’s healing and please consult your medical professional before attending yoga.

What to know before you go